This is a letter of reference written by my supervisor at ThriveOnline, John Haig.

To Whom It May Concern:

Shifra Raffel worked under my supervision at, the Webby Award winning health portal owned by Oxygen Media, from July, 2000 through January, 2002. She was initially hired as a HTML Associate and was promoted to Web Programmer in February of 2001. Her promotion was based on the merit of her work and in the recognition of her leadership and expert technical abilities. In my opinion, Shifra was a large part of the reason why Thrive won the Webby. Even before her promotion, Shifra was always given the toughest and largest projects at Thrive and she always came through. She was the programmer our content producers wanted to work with the most.

Shifra embodied the spirit of Thrive by helping out where ever possible, and for making it a great place to work by adding her friendly smile to our days. She was successful in making Thrive's technical team a more professional services group for the whole Oxygen network. Shifra is a team player and a reliable source of information on project feasibility and planning, browser compatibility, and technical standards. She is an expert multitasker, effective at every project stage from creative development through post launch QA, no matter how many projects she worked on at once. She always completed her assigned tasks with very little supervision, with technical precision, and she delivered them on or ahead of time. I was very pleased to have her working for me as her work was always praised.

Overall, I believe that Shifra has what it takes to be a senior programmer or team leader. She undoubtedly will continue to only gain skills and be a productive member of any organization.

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