Accomplishments while at Lucent 1998-2000


  • Premier Associate award (click here to read the nomination), 1st quarter 2000
  • Commendations Dinner invitee, 1999, for 18 customer commendations
  • Key to Excellence award (click here to read the nomination), 1999
  • Winner, Top Sales, Merlin Legend department, 1st qtr 2000 ($464,000)
  • Winner, Top Sales, Merlin Legend department, 4th qtr 1999 ($570,000)
  • Winner, December 1999 Billing contest
  • Winner, September 1999 Sales contest

Lucent Premier Associate Award Nomination Form
The Premier Associate Award has been established to recognize individual scope of everyday activity. This award goes to those who exhibit:
- Great Performance
- Above and Beyond
- Best of the Best
- Values Role Model
- Unique Contribution
- Quantifiable Results (desired, not required)



Having been a coach for over 25 years, I can sincerely say that an Associate like Shifra comes along once in a career. I am also glad that I've had the opportunity to have her on my team. Anyone in Legend can tell you that Shifra is beyond incredible. She demonstrates qualities that encompass all the Lucent Values while providing world class service to her customers. In a one year period Shifra received at least 17 customer commendations and over 20 key cards, her revenue was over $750K and while figures were available she made 136% of her billing goal. She is always warm and caring to her customers and her peers. But what makes Shifra a Premier Associate is all the additional accomplishments that show how she goes above and beyond what's expected. She was awarded Key to Excellence within her first year employed She takes the initiative to commend or provide constructive feedback to fellow employees within the entire company, including Technicians, Account Executives, etc. She's followed through until she receives acknowledgment that the information is conveyed. Long before it became a process within our center, Shifra routinely called her customers back to verify that the service they received was excellent She developed a DSS Troubleshooting handout which helped to reduce dispatch rates She is very proactive, having provided policy suggestions and feedback for Case Point She qualified on the CSSAS "Data Communications & Telephony" and "LAN/WAN/Internetworking" exams Shifra was one of the winners of the September sales group contest (over 10 system sales referrals that month) and the winner of the Legend Time Change Contest She has the second lowest dispatch rate on the team Shifra handled all CareCall Alerts that came to me (Customers who expressed dissatisfaction with Lucent) and every single customer was pleased with her assistance. She was sought by the College of Knowledge to take customer calls in front of initial training classes to demonstrate the proper way they should be handled. She is an active member of the Reward & Recognition Team and highly commended for her participation Shifra has taken at least 12 different refresher classes, 7 videos and 5 Alliance classes including certification as a Cabling Specialist in Fiber Optics from C-Tech. She also took approximately 20 CBT courses on her own time to simply expand her knowledge. She's a member of HISPA and The Pioneers SHIFRA IS A CHAMPION CUSTOMER ADVOCATE

SHIFRA RAFFEL is a genuine PREMIER ASSOCIATE and truly deserves to be acknowledged.


Presented 4th quarter 1999 By Joan Weber, Services Manager (direct-report supervisor) There are not enough words to describe Shifra Raffel's commitment to excellence. Shifra has been on line for about 10 months and in that time she has exceeded every expectation where customer service is concerned. While CSP* results were available she averaged 92% excellence in all areas and has received 9 official customer commendations, but those are just numbers. I am sure that if customers were more prone to writing Shifra would receive many more accolades. She maintains an incredible manner & friendliness with each of her customers and she follows through on every contact ensuring satisfaction. Shifra frequently sends cards to her customers thanking them for their business and the opportunity to help them. She has handled the technical side of numerous irate customers for me and brought her customers to complete satisfaction, raving about her service. Shifra is requested by the training department to take customer calls during class so new students can see the best way to care for our customers. In addition, Shifra met 136% of her billing goal, 95% of her sales target, 99.7% staffed hours, 96.2% adherence and 99% ticket quality -- all outstanding results. That's just one side of her excellence. Shifra is extremely self-motivated and takes steps in all areas to learn, grow and excel. She has volunteered for at least 8 different refresher** courses offered, she watches videos on her own time and stays after hours to do CBT training in a variety of areas. Shifra also volunteers to be on committees (such as Reward & Recognition), focus groups and to attend any meetings where she may be able to improve her knowledge level or offer assistance. Shifra has provided suggestions for improvements in various areas and has published service tips via email to help her fellow associates. She doesn't stop there. Shifra emails technicians, AEs and SCs with commendations, consistently acknowledges the accomplishments of her peers and will even notify Foremen & Supervisors if our FSAC*** or Business Office partners don't provide excellent service for our customers. Shifra is an incredible System Support Specialist and I am very proud & honored to have her on my team. * Customer satisfaction profile ** Optional expertise areas ***Field service

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